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Sue Arns - Jewish Tour Guide for Berlin and Potsdam
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Linda & Danny W., London

Danny and I would like to thank you and Aaron for the terrific tour of the city. Your attention to detail and the personal perspective made for a very special day. We feel that your unique experience and insight into this city and its history provided a very meaningful experience. We feel that your gracious and learned approach to this very interesting city, with all of its history regarding our Jewishness, will provide us with life long memories. Wishing you the very best,
Linda and Danny

Jeff & Caron W.

Hi Sue,

It's so nice hearing from you! We always enjoy receiving your newsletter and finding out all that is new with you and the activities in and around Berlin. I particularly enjoyed reading about the new stumbling stones for your family. What a wonderful tribute to their memories!

Caron and I have such wonderful memories of our three days together with you and Aaron in Berlin in June 2017 (hard to believe 2 years have already gone by!).

Yours was by far the best tour we've ever experienced! And Berlin was such a special place for us and our collective history.

I hope all is well. Please stay in touch.

Warm regards, Jeff

Hannah & Len A., California

Dear Sue and Aaron

Time flies! It has been 10 years since you guided us on our unforgettable tour of Berlin.   We know that your conscientious, expert guidance, unwavering commitment and untiring passion made our trip a life-long unforgettable experience.  
May you be granted many years of continued vigor in your efforts that help us understand  Germany and especially Berlin in the World War II era.  
We remain eternally grateful. 

Nancy S., Los Angeles

Hi Sue,
I am not sure why this old email showed up in my inbox.. but I have to go on the notion that it was meant as I have been thinking about you both and wanted to send you a NEW email to THANK YOU for the wonderful day of touring in Berlin. We learn so much valuable information that help us understand so much more of the Jewish History and Legacy of the atrocities of WWII. Izzy really LOVED Berlin and actually said it was the favorite of the cities we visited…Monte-Carlo, Florence, Rome, Krakow and London. Alan and I wish you a wonderful and fruitful Summer. And please come visit us in Los Angeles!!!
Big Hugs, Nancy

Fred & Marcelle S.

Hi Sue and Aaron.
It's Marcelle, from Fred's computer.

We had such a marvelous experience with you both these past 2 days. Thank you so much for being flexible, for sharing your very personal life experiences in addition to your incredible wealth of knowledge. You have given Fred and me such a special unforgettable experience of Berlin from a Jewish perspective. We are most grateful.

Thank you Aaron for the GPX from our tours too. We haven't the time to look tonight but I will definitely review tomorrow. Truly fantastic of you to do this!

Esther did not RAVE enough about you both! We cannot wait to return with family and will definitely look forward to touring with you when we do! We will also send our friends to you when they come to Berlin.

Be well. Safe touring always.
With deepest appreciation,

Marcelle & Fred

Jim & Gae K., Fort Lauderdale

Dear Sue and Aaron,

Please excuse this tardy note to thank you so very much for such a wonderful two days we spent together in Berlin.

We truly enjoyed our time in Berlin, and both of you helped to make it very special. I know we saw things that the average tourist does not get to see, and the information and insight you both shared with us was just wonderful. As you know, we had been reluctant to visit Germany and especially Berlin, but we are so very glad we did and had you both show us your city. It is truly amazing, and we appreciated your sharing it with us. Thank you very much.

We have already given your names to a few of our friends who are contemplating a Berlin visit, so if they decide to go you will hear from them and they will give you our best regards.

Until the next time, be well and happy and enjoy sharing your city with others.

With our very best wishes,
Gae and Jim K.
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Laurel & Paul H., New York

Dear Sue and Aaron- Our day was remarkable. We got home safely but I must admit we took a taxi. I was emotionally drained after wannassee. It was hard to imagine that i was stepping on the same floors that the most awful beasts also walked. I thought it interesting to see some quotes from their offspring. Imagine being a descendant of one of them. You raised so many questions along with your amazing knowledge and Aaron's amazing driving. It is difficult to love the modern Berlin while it is punctuated by its past. By the way, your affection for each other was inspiring!!! With affection Laurel and Paul

Carol and Ive, California

Sue, Thank you so much - you have been Terrific

Susan G., New York

Berlin was especially poignant as we saw the city with a fabulous guide, Sue Arms, who herself suffered many familial losses during the Nazi regime. In fact, her mother was forced to flee Berlin, leaving behind a family she would never again see. She delivered Sue in Argentina and would only live to see Sue reach the age of 12. Sue remained in Argentina only until the age of 16 when she returned to Berlin alone to begin a new life trying to fill the missing holes in her heart. Our tour took us on part of that journey in as much as the experience left us feeling the emptiness many of the survivors were left to endure - a feeling that no sum of money or apology could EVER fill. Just imagine the loneliness of celebrating Passover (or any holiday, event, or occasion) without a family to share it with. Inconceivable right?

Naomi and Larry R., San Diego

You did an incredible job of executing 6 'short' hours of Berlin into a very informative tour. We left feeling that we must come back because there is so much more to see! Thank you so much for a job very well done! We hope our friends enjoy their tour with you as much as we did. How lucky they are to have so much more time to see Berlin.

Judy & Bunny K., Minneapolis

Dear Sue and Eckart,
we appreciate our trip to Berlin in less than ideal weather made totally comfortable by your expert direction - you both were a benefit we did not anticipate. You are an interesting, talented, and lovely couple and we were fortunate to spend 3 days with you both (including a few minute with Gina - the worlds best trained dog!).
You brought the Berlin we came to see alive, and although we struggle to make what we've learned on this tripe come in line with our lifetime of concern about Germany and the Germans in general - This week - and because of you both, and our experience in your city - we've come a long way in understanding the evolution of Germany's coping with his history.

Kathy R., Alice S. and Kathy St., California

"Thank you, Sue. You've been great!! We will tell our friends about you! a wonderful tour!!"

Tom, London

It was abolutely excellent. Sue Arns was an excellent guide: informative and fantastically conscientious. were very good.

Munic Re

Wir möchten uns bei Ihnen für die ausgezeichnete Kooperation bei der Führung durch unsere Hauptstadt und Potsdam bedanken. Dass die Gäste sich sehr wohl und gut aufgehoben gefühlt haben, ist nicht zuletzt auch Ihrem beeindruckenden Wissen und Ihrem Talent dieses zu vermitteln, zu verdanken.

Catherine and Andrew M., Boston

Dear Sue, we both enjoyed the tours we had with you as our guide last September. We would like to repeat it sometime very much.

Susan and Charlie Sch., New Jersey

Hi Sue and Aaron, Charlie and I had an unforgettable experience with you and Aaron in Berlin. Since we have been home, I have met so many people who toured with you. We all have the same conclusion - you are the best! Your passion for the work you do is amazing. Thank you helping us to understand your beautiful city and country. Happy, Healthy , Sweet New Year. Best wishes!

Robert S., New York

Sue and Aaron Arns were the guides we used on our last trip to Berlin. Although a number of people we know had raved about them we found our expectations paled relative to how very great they were. Having been in Berlin twice I will tell you that it is simply missing the point if you do not have them in your visit. They are a Jewish couple native to Berlin who will indicate so much that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Judy and Jerry H., San Francisco

Dear Sue and Eckart,
Thank you for increasing our understanding and knowledge about Berlin - in particular the experience of the Jewish population at the beginning of the Holocaust.
We have had two wonderful days with you and Eckart - being with both of you has been very special. Your knowledge of the history of this beautiful city is exceptional!

Tim H. aus München

Liebe Frau Arns,
seit unsere Gäste zurück in Amerika sind, hören wir nur wie toll ihre Zeit mit Ihnen in Berlin und Potsdam war.
... meine Geschäftspartnerin und ich sind so glücklich und dankbar, daß Sie unsere Gäste so toll betreut haben...

Edna and Peter, London

We cannot thank you enough for making our visit to Berlin so amazing. You gave us so much information and were always able to answer our questions. There were so many things I never understood about Berlin but the knowledge you gave us has helped to put everything into place. We too will always remember you and Aaron and the knowledge you imparted to us all. Very fondly Edna and Peter x

Donna F., Atlanta

I have not taken the opportunity to thank you for your incredible tour of Berlin. I can only say that when people ask about the highlight of our almost 3 week trip, I state that it was our day in Berlin. I credit you and Aaron for the thought and energy that went into organizing a tour that introduced us to Berlin, only lasted several hours, and yet exposed us to so much history and also to modern Berlin. As I told you that day, I can't imagine that anyone could have made better use of our time. When we compared our day to others on our cruise and also to others who have had day visits, no one else's experiences even came close.....we saw sooooo much, and from so many different perspectives. Again, many thanks to you and to Aaron.

Judy and Michael L., New York

Just wanted to email you to let you know how much we enjoyed your tour in Berlin last week. I was telling my friend, who visited her children who lived in Berlin for 5 years, all the things that you showed us. She had visited many times but had not seen many of the things that you showed us in 3 hours!

Roz H., Massachusetts

Hi Sue, Just want to let you know that we are back in Massachusetts and both Herb and I have voted you and your amazing husband the best tour guides of our whole trip. We thank the both of you and hopefully will see you again, Thank you, Roz

Bob Sch., New York

Hi, sent you a copy of information concerning the guides we and others you know, used in Berlin. I can only tell you I was reluctant and resisted using them but I was 100% wrong, they are terrific and I cannot imagine how we would have felt if we didn't. They illuminated and took us to places of interest that we would never have known and really of spectacular note, poignant and meaningful beside the obviously main public places you would expect to see. Their knowledge and color of things politically, philosophically and historically adds to the understanding immeasurably.

Toby W., New York

We have arrived safely back in New York and wanted to thank you and Aaron for the very meaningful day we spent together in Berlin. We had done a great deal of Holocaust related touring before we spent our day with you, but realized we had only scratched the surface. The quiet, off the beaten track memorials that you showed us and told us about brought so much meaning to our experience. We are brought to tears thinking about those brass stones in front of the buildings that we had never even seen until you showed us. Please accept our deepest thanks and appreciation for all you shared with us. We wish you a prosperous spring and summer touring season. If you are ever in New York, we would love to be your tour guides and show you our city. Best regards, Toby

Charles F., Atlanta

Dear Sue, You are a gorgeous person, both inside and out. Of the several weeks of travel abroad (Paris, where I had never been, St. Petersburg, etc.) Berlin was the highlight of our trip, even though it was only a matter of hours that we were able to spend there. I believe that is because of the amazing energy and planning that you put into our tour…we hope to return in the next few years and spend more time touring with you both. Thank you so very much for keeping in touch, and please know that when any of our family/friends plan to visit Berlin, you are at the top of our list of recommendations.

Ellen S., Florida

When we left Berlin (November 2011) I said to myself and to my husband that I will be back! I loved my entire experience while in the was just fantastic and you and Aaron were truly amazing. I can't begin to tell you how many people I've told about my time spent there. We didn't have enough time so we are returning.

Tamra N., New York

We both really want to thank you for our tour of Jewish Berlin. Our time with you was certainly one of the highlights of our wonderful vacation. You showed us things not mentioned in any of the guidebooks we read on Berlin. And you explained what you showed us so thoroughly. We came away feeling that we had "inside information" that not too many other tourists were privy to. I think our experience was further enhanced by your willingness to share your own personal stories and feelings with us. That was very special for us both. At day's end we both felt enriched for your sharing. And I must say that we think there is no better driver in all of Berlin than Aaron. He maneuvered the car around all sorts of obstacles with apparent ease. We were really impressed. Finally, thank you for all the time you put into answering our questions and helping us with a lot of the problems we ran into with hotel and train reservations before we even met up. Your assistance with so many issues is still very greatly appreciated. Should we ever return to Berlin, we shall be sure to contact you and we will certainly give any of our friends going to Berlin your names and Email address.

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