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Sue Arns - Jewish Guide for Berlin and Potsdam
Member of Berlin Guide e.V. and Association of Tourist Guides in Germany

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Are you Jewish?

Yes, both of us are Jewish. Many of our clients think it is easier to be guided by a Jewish guide in Germany. And we agree. Feel free to ask us all the questions you have.

Are you a professional guide or is this your hobby?

I am NOT touring for a hobby. I am a professional tour-guide since 1985 and it is a full-time job for me. I am a member of the Berlin Guide Association and the German Guide Association with licences for many museums and palaces. My husband Aaron joined me touring in 2006.

Why do you use an audio-system, I can hear perfect!

Using an audio-system gives you much more freedom. You don't have to stick on the lips of the guide and can just turn around and fotograph something while still listening to Sue's explanations. It is a great system and all of our clients rave about the freedom they got from it's usage. Also people with hearing aids have no problems with it.

Do you arrange groups, so it would be cheaper for me?

Sorry, I don't arrange strangers into one group. Our tours are exclusive for the people who book us. If you want to lower the price per person, you have to ask someone on your own to join your tour.

How many people can be on your tours?

With Aaron's Mercedes van I can provide six passengers, we use a professional audio-system, so anyone can hear me. It also has aircondition, sun-roofs and, of course, a driver.

Why don't you drive on your own, why do we need a driver?

I can work more professional with a driver: I don't have to concentrate to the traffic and it possible to get off the car whenever I want: There are a lot of sightseeing points, where I want to show the genuine location, and without a driver we have to park there, which is often not possible. With a driver it is no problem, he picks us up where we need it. The tour is much better this way. I concentrate on your needs and your questions, not to the traffic. More safety, more informative and more comfortable.

In case of an accident - are we insured?

Of course I use only licenced and fully insured cars and the driver has the required additional permission to transport people beside the general driver license. Germany's laws don't allow to transport people on a business-basis without following these rules. Any guide who doesn't follow this rules will get problems with his insurance in case of an accident!

What kind of tours do you provide - what about walking-tours or by bike?

Our tours usually are with a van - Berlin is a very large city and the sites of interest are spread out over the city. On a walking tour we can only cover the historical part of town, and also this means only seeing about 30% of Berlin, the rest is not in a walkable distance.
Please keep in mind that our weather is never predictable, so one day of storm and rain is followed by a sunny day.
Bike tours are very dangerous, colleagues have been seen with accidently broken arms recently after doing a bike-tour. It's a way to rush through the city with not much of information about what you see. Everyone has his own preferred kind of sightseeing. Sorry, we don't offer bike-tours, because that's neither the quality we keep nor is it a safe way to tour.

Are entrance fees and TIP included in your rates?

No, in my rates only included is the 19% VAT, which I have to deduct to the tax-office immediately. Any entrance fees for museums, palaces etc. you have to pay on your own. Any TIPs for service, drivers etc. are also not included. You don't have to TIP anyone, but if you are satisfied with the service it is common to TIP about 10%.

In which languages do you guide?

I speak and guide fluently in German, English. My husband speaks very well English and of course German.

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